Pubdate: Tue, 06 May 2003
Source: Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
Copyright: 2003 Amarillo Globe-News
Author: Gary Storck
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In his April 27 letter, Dr. Gordon Scott contends that "most teen-agers
experiment with alcohol, but very few become alcoholics or are involved in
serious or fatal accidents." But he gives no source for this statement.

One thing's for sure: Unlike pot, alcohol has a lethal dose and is
responsible for a lot of mayhem, including car crashes, fights and sexual

Despite this, no one is seriously talking about again prohibiting the adult
use of alcohol. Why should marijuana, with its milder effects, be different?

In Canada, a nine-member senate committee led by Sen. Pierre Nolin took an
objective, in-depth look at marijuana and, in a 600-page report, recommended
legalizing it for anyone over 16. "In a free society . . . it's up to the
individual to decide whether to consume cannabis or not," Nolan stated.

No one wants to see teens use any drug -- alcohol, tobacco, pot, inhalants
or other substances. But as Dr. Scott acknowledges, most teen-agers
experiment with alcohol, and we know that curiosity extends to other
substances. But only pot has no lethal dose. The most dangerous thing about
it is that, in America, you can get put in a cage for using it.

Does Scott have an opinion about the harm of jailing humans for possessing a

Gary Storck

Madison, Wis.
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