Pubdate: Mon, 28 Apr 2003
Source: Delta Democrat Times (MS)
Copyright: 2003 Delta Democrat Times
Author: Anita T. Mayfield


To the editor:

The war on drugs is more harmful than we thought.

Oxford District Attorney Jim Hood recently stated he wanted to "cut down on 
his customer base" by handing out a few pamphlets on drug addiction.

Mr. Hood should consider lobbying for reform on our drug laws. The "War On 
Drugs" is a complete failure.

Our prisons are overflowing with hundreds of thousands of victims from this 
war on drugs. Families are ripped apart with people's homes, life savings, 
and their children stolen from them and disbursed to state agencies.

Non-violent citizens are being locked up with murderers, rapists, child 
molesters and very often receive more prison time than these true 
criminals. Why are we letting our elected officials get away with this?

Current laws lock up otherwise law-abiding citizens for relaxing, after a 
hard days work, with a marijuana cigarette instead of a martini.

This is completely illogical and absurd. I beg you to investigate the 
results of alcohol versus marijuana use. And please, also look into the 
very close connections of our biggest elected politicians and the 
pharmaceutical companies constantly shoving unsafe drugs down our throats.

Television is saturated with the lies that marijuana smokers are 
responsible for terrorists attacks. This is incredibly insane.

We know they use big advertising firms to brainwash us. Well, drug czars, 
we're not falling for your last ditch, desperate attempts for your claims 
to fame.

They say, "I'm just doing my job." And I say, "Find another job and let 
people live their own lives."

We have the right and the power to change laws. If not, women still could 
not vote or a person of color could not take his family out for a meal.

I would like to add that nine states have legalized medical marijuana. When 
will it be Mississippi's turn?

Anita T. Mayfield,

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