Pubdate: Sat, 12 Apr 2003
Source: North County Times (CA)
Copyright: 2003 North County Times
Author: Kelly Patrick Hennessy
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It galls me to witness the flaccid debating style of Libertarians on drug
prohibition against populous demagogues like Bill O'Smiley of foxy Buford
Mudrock's Republocrat TV. Anyone who mentions alcohol gets painted into a
corner with the perfunctory comeback that we don't need more legal
combustibles for the mind, even though they're already here and in more
potent forms thanks to drug laws.

Instead, think of the DEA and its hoary baggage train as one sorry loser of
a plumber. By his own admission, this hapless pipe reamer boasts a 90
percent failure rate, as in a tithe of interdiction. Sometimes, the plumber
and his statist gangbangers go to the wrong address, and innocent people die
defending their homes against heroic thieves with a county assessor in tow
to loot and seize their property.

This crumb-bum parasite can kick your door down and make you pretend you're
an airplane on the living room floor at 3 a.m. Incredibly, this flashing
wizard with blank warrant and pipe wrench always tells his customers how
much worse off they'd be without his finger-in-the-dike fratboys and their
draconian bill for services rendered. Have you figured out by now this
plumber can't be fired, comrade toilet bowl denizens?

Kelly Patrick Hennessy

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