Pubdate: Fri, 28 Mar 2003
Source: Denver Business Journal (CO)
Contact:  2003 American City Business Journals Inc.
Author: Gary Storck


It is good to read that Colorado's medicinal marijuana law is working as 
planned ("Medical marijuana registry attracts applicants," March 21-27).

The apparent success of the program is a far cry from the dire and 
hysterical picture painted by the group, Coloradans Against Legalizing 
Marijuana and other opponents, including The Denver Post, which campaigned 
against Amendment 20 in the 2000 elections.

Readers may also recall that sick and dying Coloradans had to wait two 
extra years to get Amendment 20 on the ballot, thanks to the inept 
practices of the late Vikki Buckley, who was secretary of state in 1998 and 
who presided over the measure's ballot exclusion.

But in the end, Buckley's inexcusable behavior only delayed the inevitable, 
and now Colorado patients have legal access to this beneficial herb.

With the Denver Medical Society now saying that doctors' concerns have 
faded and they now are comfortable in understanding what they can and 
cannot do under the law, it seems that Colorado voters who overwhelmingly 
supported this compassionate measure have been proven right.

Colorado's success stands a shining beacon for other states looking into 
similar laws, like medical marijuana supporters here in Wisconsin.

Gary Storck Madison, Wis.
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