Pubdate: Mon, 31 Mar 2003
Source: Daily Press (VA)
Copyright: 2003 The Daily Press
Author: Martha Sheets


Regarding the March 16-18 Daily Press series "Pregnant and addicted" and 
the many negative responses the newspaper received, I say enough. Enough 
with the outrage over tax dollars being "wasted" on those who have found 
themselves in need of such a program as the Southeastern Family Project.

The reigning opinion seems to be that we should not be helping these women, 
who are just getting what they deserve. I ask that we stop and think about 
the little victims: the unborn babies, who without this program would be 
born either dead or with serious health problems. If your concern is for 
your wallet, think about how much tax money would be spent on Medicare.

Are we as human beings really so pious that we can't reach out to help 
those who need it? I don't think of the SEFP as being a liberal program; I 
think of it as a project that aims to rescue the most helpless of us all, 
the unborn.

It is my sincere hope that Tonya Turner and those in her situation will 
find their lives changed and their focus put on being responsible mothers. 
However, I don't think this would be possible without people being willing 
to provide that tough love.

So, I say enough. Enough of our being judgmental and holier than thou. Show 
gratitude that you are healthy and sober by offering that hope to someone else.

Martha Sheets

Newport News
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