Pubdate: Wed, 26 Mar 2003
Source: Idaho State Journal (ID)
Copyright: 2003 Idaho State Journal
Author: Jose Melendez

Reader's View


Kudos to the Idaho State Journal for publishing the opinions of those who 
personally are offended by bong shops and their owners. Violet Stephens of 
Moreno Valley, Calif., complains about her stolen car stereo, implying that 
it was stolen by users of criminalized marijuana. Is it not true that legal 
drugs cause exponentially greater damage to society than pot?

Take, for example, her last paragraph, claiming a difference between the 
right to bear arms to ensure a free society and the right to peddle drug 
paraphernalia to hold captive a society for monetary gain (or political 

Now, go to any convenience store and make a list of the addictive, deadly 
poisons and drug delivery devices pushed to you and your kids. Note that 
even though alcohol and tobacco alone cause over seven million annual 
global deaths, society continues to be captive and even heavily subsidized 
by taxes generated by sales of said poisons.

 From Inkom, Glen Hayward's position that owners of bong-selling stores 
should have been taken out on the sidewalks and shot, exactly how is that a 
lesson to anyone? Is it not the laws against marijuana that contribute to 
the degradation and deterioration of morals in our society? Not sure? Try 
intellectual honesty, for a change.

Legal drugs kill. Drug war is treason. It's the hypocrisy, stupid.

Jose Melendez

DeLand, Fla.
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