Pubdate: Mon, 24 Mar 2003
Source: Letters to MAP (The Media Awareness Project of DrugSense)
Author: Rob Ryan
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Congratulations to the Mark Greer, Matt Elrod, Richard Lake and all the 
others who made MAP possible.

In 1997 my son was arrested by a Salisbury Maryland Police officer after I 
made speech questioning the drug war.  That event possessed me to learn 
about the drug war, it is origins and current events.

I quickly found MAP and became involved as a Newshawk, a Letter to the 
Editor writer, community activist and eventually candidate for public 
office.  It is now been years since the event that triggered my activism.

All through those years MAP has been my connection and source of 
encouragement that other people think this War against Americans has to end.

Thanks for all your great efforts.

Rob Ryan