Pubdate: Fri, 21 Mar 2003
Source: Idaho State Journal (ID)
Copyright: 2003 Idaho State Journal
Author: Cary L. Patrick

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Raids? Or was it rape? I cannot decide. Of course, I'm talking about the
rape (I decided) of our quaint, so-called little "head shops."

I must agree with Mr. Hull when he said, "Long Live Soviet America." Come
on: I thought this was the land of the free. I've never read in the
Constitution that: We, the people ... will not allow some small business to
prosper because they sell (so-called) "drug paraphernalia," but ... we will
allow our state to own liquor stores. Which is worse? To allow some
incoherent, sometimes violent alcoholic buy alcohol (legally), then drive
home (hopefully not killing anyone along the way), to mentally or
physically abuse their wife, husband, children, etc.

I have never heard of a "stoned" person killing or abusing anyone. Have
you? As far as I'm concerned, marijuana should be legalized and alcohol
should be labeled as a disease-causing, family killing narcotic!

As many of us know, if marijuana was legalized and our government sold it
and its paraphernalia (to consenting adults, of course), our United States
would be out of debt and prosper greatly within just a few years. We would
also probably solve some of our smuggling problems and many others that
touch our lives daily, which may include: stress, mental health, physical
health, violence, etc.

Regarding the way this rape was conducted, I cannot, in my right mind,
understand why owners and their employees were arrested at all. Was there
any residue in or on any of the items confiscated? Now, these wrongly
accused and greatly abused decent, tax-paying Americans will be spending
the money they have earned on lawyers, fines and fees, and will probably
become greatly in debt because they were trying to prosper in life.

This "national crackdown" is a "national crackup." We, the people, will
always find a way to enjoy the benefits of our natural and healing
cannabis. ...

P.S. I don't condone the use or sell of any other illegal drugs.

Cary L. Patrick,

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