Pubdate: Sun, 16 Mar 2003
Source: Coast Reporter (CN BC)
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Author: Ian Jacques, Editor
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Note:  The Kubby Refugee hearing will resume in Vancouver on April 8th and
will include testimony by Judge James Grey, Ed Rosenthal and William Panzer,


An immigration hearing for U.S. pot activist Steve Kubby was halted
suddenly last week when Kubby fell ill after only three days of
testimony in Vancouver.

Kubby was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in Sechelt over the weekend
with a 102-degree temperature and double pneumonia. He was allowed to
go home Monday, but as of press time was still on IV antibiotics and
was ordered to stay in bed.

The medical marijuana activist is seeking political asylum in Canada
because he feels he will be prosecuted for his pot use if he returns
to his home in Placer County, California. The immigration hearing,
which began March 5, was halted on Monday (March 10) after Kubby's
wife Michele asked the immigration board for a three-week adjournment
in the hopes her husband could be well enough to be present at the

`During this emergency, Steve's blood pressure was recorded at
220/128, reminding us just how explosive his condition can be,'
Michele said.

Kubby smokes up to 12 grams of pot a day to control symptoms of a rare
form of adrenal gland cancer.

Last August, Kubby, who fled to Canada two years ago from California,
became one of the first Americans to be granted a Health Canada
exemption to Canada's drug laws. The exemption, granted Aug. 27, 2002,
allows Kubby to smoke and grow significant quantities of pot for
medicinal purposes.

Kubby's permit allows him to travel with up to 360 grams (12 oz.) of
pot and grow 59 plants at a time for medical use. It also allows him
to store up to 2655 grams (6 lbs.) of marijuana.

The Kubbys moved to Sechelt two years ago with their

Kubby applied for political refugee status, a move similar to
fellow U.S. pot refugee' Renee Boje, who is still wanted in America
on marijuana charges.

Five more days of testimony is expected once the hearing resumes in
three weeks.
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