Pubdate: Wed, 19 Mar 2003
Source: Fayetteville Observer (NC)
Copyright: 2003 Fayetteville Observer
Author: William Campbell


The March 10 editorial, "Citizen Down," did ask five important questions 
about the shooting of a citizen in his home by a Cumberland County deputy 
during the Feb. 27 Waco-style home invasion gone bad to worse. But even if 
these questions were answered, the coverage still pales in comparison to 
the flamboyant expose on former ABC chief Neill Monroe's DWI, complete with 
what he wore to his resignation.

What did Deputy Windham wear to the shooting? Was it a traditional Darth 
Vader costume complete with a black ski mask? What about footwear? Was he 
wearing jack-boots? Was Windham tested for drugs or alcohol after the 
shooting? Were any military personnel along on this "raid"?

Were concussion grenades exploded in that trailer with those two children? 
Have the children been tested for permanent hearing loss? Has psychological 
counseling been offered to the children? How many people are dependent on 
the wounded man's income? Does this family need help?

The Observer should assign the same go-getter fashion-conscious reporters 
and photographers who covered Monroe's DWI to cover the shooting.

These grenade-tossing SWAT teams with their no-knock "dynamic entry" 
tactics are a menace to society. They increase injuries and deaths to 
citizens and police. There is no police business that is not public 
business. No police agency can be allowed to close its doors to the press 
like Hitler's Stasi Secret Police. This is America.

William Campbell, Fayetteville
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