Pubdate: Fri,  7 Mar 2003
Source: West Hawaii Today (HI)
Copyright: 2003 West Hawaii Today
Author: E. H. Roelfzema

IT'S 1969 DEJA VU 


In the article by Tiffany Edwards she quotes Mark Middleton of the Martin
County (Florida) Sheriff's Office as saying that "'PLUR' is a common term
among ravegoers, being an acronym for 'peace, love. unity, respect.'"

Not only that, he also makes the distinction that the difference between
ecstacy and methamphetamine is that the user (of the former) doesn't become

It seems that these "flower children of 2000" are nothing more than
subversive elements in the present cultural climate of the United States.

How can America successfully bang on the war drums when a segment of the
population are so drug-addled that they prefer Peace to War, Love over Hate?

They should get with the program and just take the drugs given to them by
the government.

In Iraq they'll get free amphetamines to keep them sharp - compliments of
Uncle Sam - just like the pilots who accidentally dropped their bomb load on
friendly troops.

While I do not condone irresponsible drug use by anyone, I would feel more
secure listening to the trance rave drums than to Bush's war drums.

So, chase the partying youth, reinstitute the draft, listen to the
philosophy that says we have to destroy in order to liberate, and we can all
enjoy a deja vu flash.

Golly, looks like 1969 all over again.

E. H. Roelfzema

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