Pubdate: Fri, 07 Mar 2003
Source: Times-News, The (ID)
Copyright: 2003 Magic Valley Newspapers
Author: Danita Hausner Center


A thought just occurred to me while washing dishes, so I turned off
the water and came straight to the computer to write this.

It has been bothering me for quite some time, and I believe I can
finally verbalize what it is. I'm not a pot smoker; however, I'm not a
drinker either, and therefore, it leaves me bias in my opinion. I've
always said that I would much prefer getting into a car with a person
high on pot than one who just drank alcohol. I didn't until now feel I
had any grounds to support my feelings on the legalities pertaining to

But after reading the articles about Miss Roberts in Feb. 28's paper,
it suddenly dawned on me that the evidence supporting the advocates to
legalize pot was inadvertently presented when she was discovered an
avid pot smoker. Without realizing it, proof that pot is probably the
least harmful in every aspect of ego-altering substances was handed
over on a silver platter.

It is common knowledge that Miss Roberts excelled in her position at
the school. It's also been proven that there were never any ill
effects concerning her professional career, and no one would have ever
guessed that she was smoking pot had she not gotten caught mailing
that to her home. It would seem to me that the proof is in the
pudding. Where is the harm in marijuana?

The majority of the evidence for decades that comes into focus is
evidence supporting it. Like I said, I'm not a pot smoker, so it
doesn't matter to me either way; however, it makes me furious every
time I hear about another victim connected with alcohol. Whether it be
drunk driver "accident," domestic abuse and violence inflicted by the
alkie, not to mention the fact that, unlike all the other substances
that damage one particular part of the physical being, alcohol is the
only drug that does damage to the entire body.

And the law says it's legal. That scares me.


Twin Falls
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