Pubdate: Wed,  5 Mar 2003
Source: West Hawaii Today (HI)
Copyright: 2003 West Hawaii Today
Author: Quinn C. Hoyer 
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Another thing to consider in the debate over the legalization of marijuana
is its varying patterns of use. To someone who has only moderately or has
never consumed cannabis before, a single inhalation can have an intoxicating
effect. But someone who consumes marijuana regularly might only receive a
slight elevation in mood from smoking the same amount. Due to the body's
built-in tolerance mechanisms, the regular user might very well never become
as intoxicated as a casual user, regardless of how much they consumed. 

Many regular smokers don't even want to achieve that level of intoxication.
These people are only looking for an elevation in mood similar to those who
take prescription mood enhancing drugs such as Prozac, Zanax, Paxcil,
Wellbutrin, etc. 

Just like the patent chemical pharmaceuticals, cannabis requires a period of
"continued use" to obtain these desired mood elevating effects. This comes
without many of the harmful 'side-effects' produced by the prescription
medications. So the question boils down to, who do you want influencing the
decisions in how you treat your health, big corporations or nature? And is
legislating away our right to make that decision really worth the
1930s-style prohibition society we are forced to live in?

Does it really merit the funneling of badly needed funds away from programs
like education, just to guarantee nice fat profits for drug dealers? 

Quinn C. Hoyer 

Captain Cook
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