Pubdate: Fri, 28 Feb 2003
Source: Ledger-Enquirer (GA)
Copyright: 2003 Ledger-Enquirer
Author: Buster Jones
Bookmark: (Ashcroft, John)


I think Attorney General John Ashcroft is a member of one of those 
snake-handling religions because he certainly had snakes in his head when 
he called a press conference at the Justice Department to go after bongs. 
Members of the press started giggling.

Bongs do not kick down doors in the middle of the night the way DEA does, 
but nothing is too extreme for cops who handcuff paralyzed patients to 
their beds while they cut down their medicine. We are about to go to war, 
and yet the Bush administration is being run by people who think bongs are 
a threat to our country.

Let me say this straight out: The biggest threat to all kinds of freedom in 
this country is the Bush Crime Family holding stock in pharmaceutical 
drugs, which is the reason for his attack on sick and dying Americans who 
use medical marijuana.

Please contact your members of Congress and ask them to support all medical 
marijuana bills.

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