Pubdate: Thu, 27 Feb 2003
Source: Tribune Review (Pittsburgh, PA)
Copyright: 2003 Tribune-Review Publishing Co.


Reefer madness: We're not "heads" by any stretch of the imagination.
But this week's announcement by the Justice Department that it has
charged 55 people nationwide with selling illegal drug paraphernalia
strikes us as, well, silly. The federal probe had its origins in
Pittsburgh. Yes, selling bongs and roach clips and reefer pipes is
illegal. But last time we checked, the greatest threat to our nation
right now - right after liberals pushing their socialist agenda - is
terrorism. And if we are to win the war on terrorism, it'll take a
little better prioritizing than this.

Bloat is as bloat does: Harvard University really is a microcosm of
the liberal government tax-and-spenders it's so famous for producing.
After being tweaked by a group of alumni tired of continually being
tapped for more and more money, the Ivy League school discovered that
it could save more than $100 million annually by soliciting
competitive bids for services. Imagine that! We can only wonder how
long it takes for this newfound fiscal prudence to trickle down into
Harvard grads so long taught that government is the be-all and end-

The case for recusal: We've never thought much of Ed Rendell, be it as
Philadelphia's mayor, chairman of the Democratic National Committee
or, now, as Pennsylvania's governor. But we are gracious enough to
commend his wife, Marjorie, for taking the lead in defusing a
potentially sticky wicket. Mrs. Rendell, a judge who sits on the 3rd
U.S. Court of Appeals, says she will automatically recuse herself in
any cases involving the commonwealth. It's the upfront and right thing
to do.
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