Pubdate: Fri, 14 Feb 2003
Source: Isthmus (WI)
Copyright: 2003 Isthmus
Author: Gary Storck


Rather than evading the question ("Did you inhale?") or leaving his 
position unclear with a brief reply, mayoral candidate Bert Zipperer showed 
that he not only understands the drug war is a failure but that he is 
willing to lead on the issue (Mayorathon 12/20/02). And by citing Madison's 
historic Ordinance 23.20, governing personal and medicinal use of cannabis, 
Zipperer demonstrates he respects it and understands that 23.20 should be 
as valid today as it was when the city council codified it into law in 1977 
after its 1976 approval by Madison voters.

As a medical cannabis activist and a member of the Progressive Dane drug 
policy task force and other drug policy reform groups, I've heard some 
disturbing accounts of peaceful, otherwise law-abiding city residents being 
preyed on by law enforcement because of their use of cannabis. Madisonians 
do not want their families, friends and neighbors to be targeted simply 
because they use marijuana, and the city needs a mayor who reflects that.

Gary Storck
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