Pubdate: Wed, 12 Feb 2003
Source: Airdrie Echo (CN AB)
Copyright: 2003 Airdrie Echo
Author: Anonymous


Dear Editor:

I disagree that low self-esteem can be completely blamed for drug abuse. 
Tragically, popular high-achieving students can also try an addictive drug 
and become addicted.

Addiction is widely misunderstood. Children from happy, good homes can 
become addicted over a bad decision to experiment. An addiction rules over 
love, families and getting ahead in life. All that matters is feeding the 

For a check into reality, buy or borrow from the library the book entitled 
Go Ask Alice, by author-anonymous (at Chapters Book Store for under $10). A 
nice girl from a nice family, whose father is a university professor, gets 
into the drug scene.

This book is her diary. This diary should be mandatory for every young 
person to read.

Also, don't be hesitant to tap into Youth AADAC. It has a wealth of 
information, as well as counsellors with whom you and/or your children may 

Bad things can happen to good families. Be proactive, not reactive. Good 
luck, parents and children.

Anonymous, Airdrie
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