Pubdate: Sun,  9 Feb 2003
Source: North County Times (CA)
Copyright: 2002 North County Times
Author: Rob Luchsinger
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The war on drugs, specifically marijuana, has heated up recently, and it
just disgusts me. The lengths to which the federal government will go to
attack those who use it is draconian.

The new commercials are totally based in misinformation and designed to
scare people with scenarios that are extremely rare and take the focus off
of much more important issues, like drunken driving and teen smoking.
Clinical trials have shown that driving after smoking pot is safer than
driving drunk.

The weakest members of our society are victimized by the drug busts when the
feds come in and tear apart the medical marijuana co-ops. These co-ops exist
so those with AIDS, cancer, MS and other debilitating diseases can live a
better quality life.

The Lancet and other highly respected medical journals have given evidence
to the awesome ability of cannabis to give relief with minimal side effects.

I hope the people are getting educated about the truth of marijuana and not
buying into the lies this administration and so many before perpetuate.

We could save billions on incarceration, enforcement and court costs. Then
we could spend more on mental health services to prevent the use of harder
drugs by those who have nowhere else to turn.

Rob Luchsinger

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