Pubdate: Tue, 09 Dec 2003
Source: Times, The (Lafayette, LA)
Copyright: South Louisiana Publishing 2003
Author: John K. Smith


John K. Smith


My jaw dropped to the floor when I read that Bossier Parish expelled a 
Parkway student for bringing Advil to school.

That is the most ridiculous application of a so-called "zero tolerance" 
policy I have heard to date. Instead of acting like tin-horn dictators in a 
banana republic, Bossier officials should admit their mistake, repeal their 
stupid policy, and let that poor girl back into her high school.

The school system might not be experiencing the scorn and mockery they've 
brought on themselves just yet, but they soon will. Once again, Bossier and 
Louisiana will be a national butt of jokes. Let us hope the board doesn't 
entrench itself mindlessly in its wrong position. It can learn from this 
mistake and improve the schools for all students.

Some rules are just plain wrong, and expelling a student for having Advil 
under an overly authoritarian "zero tolerance" rule is one of the wrong 
ones. Other Parkway students might consider showing solidarity with the 
victimized student by bringing aspirin to the school and giving them to the 
principal, who will need it for the headaches this bone-headed decision 
will cause.
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