Pubdate: Wed, 10 Dec 2003
Source: Salmon Arm Observer (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Salmon Arm Observer
Author: Alan Randell


Re: The article, "Grow op lights home fire," in the Nov. 19 edition of the

You must think we readers are dumb as posts.

Why else would you serve up this piece of propaganda intended to
persuade us that one of the negative consequences of drug prohibition
- - unsafe home-based marijuana grow-ops in this case - is all the proof
we need that "drugs are bad" and that we should all continue to
support the program that caused the problem in the first place?

Didn't Prohibition initiate an orgy of gang-related violence that only
receded when alcohol was legalized again? Just how clueless do you
think we are?

Drug prohibition was initiated almost a century ago to "control"
blacks (marijuana), Chinese (opium) and Mexicans (marijuana). Today,
its purpose is not to protect anyone from the effects of supposedly
harmful drugs, but to distract attention away from government failures
in other areas and to provide a measure of vicarious enjoyment to the
majority by persecuting an innocent minority.

Clearly, the users of drugs not approved by the majority are the new

Charter? What Charter?

Alan Randell
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