Pubdate: Tue, 9 Dec 2003
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2003 Auburn Journal
Author: Mike Monahan
ALERT: Please Write Today To Save Steve Kubby's Life


I really don't have a problem with the (Steve) Kubby pot problem, even
though I do wholeheartedly believe that the medicinal marijuana
initiative that was passed is bogus and only made it easier for
potheads to keep being potheads.

My problem has been the ongoing message in the Auburn Journal, which
has published letters that are transparently clear in support of Kubby
from a pro-pot viewpoint.

Once again, you have piqued my awareness of the Kubbys and the
avoidance of serving time in our jurisdiction, Journal, Dec. 7. The
term was determined, as I recall, not for pot but for a few other
illicit items that were found in the Kubbys' possession that in no way
can be construed as something for "medicinal" use.

For Kubby to get off on a misdemeanor conviction for peyote and magic
mushrooms is in itself a very soft sentence. I hope Canada keeps him
and that Placer County does not have to absorb the cost of arresting
and keeping him in jail to serve his sentence.

I still believe the number of plants that were found in Kubby's
possession would produce end-use material that would far exceed what
one person can actually intake in a reasonable amount of time.

Maybe Kubby was making sure that he didn't have marijuana plant
decline (Placer County had a very hard time in the late 1950s due to
pear decline, when the trees died and it was concluded the area was no
longer viable as a pear-producing region) or someone stealing his stash.

Mike Monahan

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