Pubdate: Sun, 30 Nov 2003
Source: Bradenton Herald (FL)
Copyright: 2003 Bradenton Herald
Author: Matthew Hulett


One inescapable fact of Rush Limbaugh's situation that neither he nor
Bill Bennett can deal with, is that jailing Rush in a cage with
violent felons would have proven counterproductive. There is no place
for the criminal law and subsequent sanctions in dealing with
problematic drug use. These are human beings, not mules to be
manipulated with sticks and carrots.

The relapse rate for Rush's problems after treatment is above 80
percent, and Rush should be thankful he is receiving special treatment
and compassion from drug warriors. The rest of us middle-class folk
would go to jail.

I keep wondering if he will stand up for what is just and proper, the
ending of the drug war, discriminalization. I am losing hope for that

There is absolutely no evidence that faith-based addiction treatment
is anything more than voodoo magic, coercive brainwashing. On the
other hand, there is mounting evidence that AA-type programs are
damaging to individuals.

Yes, Tallevast-area residents should keep an open mind with regards to
drug policy matters, for they will be challenged to see through the
witch-hunting madness and lies that pervade our drug policies in the
United States. You will not hear the Salvation Army stand up against
the caging of addicts with violent felons, to speak out for
decriminalization, even though they will claim addiction is a disease
that an individual cannot control. They are on a crusade, and the drug
user is the witch, the enemy of the state. Perhaps we should jail
compulsive hand washers for being addicted to soap? I don't think so.

Matthew Hulett, Brick, N.J.
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