Pubdate: Mon, 01 Dec 2003
Source: Winona Daily News (MN)
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I'm writing to you about why I think DARE should stay in Winona:

- - D.A.R.E teaches a child about decisions they might have to make and
how to make them.

- - DARE helps children understand what effects drugs have on their

- - DARE has officers and other workers that children look up to

These are only a few reasons why the program should stay, because
there are many other reasons, too. Thank you for your time.

By Allison Wildenborg


It would be very nice if the residents of Winona would help to keep
DARE Anybody who can help save DARE please do so before the city
council meeting today. It would be very helpful.

By Matt Bruels


I am writing to you about DARE Here are some reasons why we want to
keep it in fifth grade. It helps us to make the right choices and to
respect our bodies. It makes us really good role models. Also, it
helps us remember not to smoke and not to take drugs. You learn how to
be your own person and how to say no to other things.

Everyone in my class was talking about how we can try t' keep D.A.R.E.
So if you let us have DARE, we are going to be so thankful!

By Sarah Gerson


My classmates and I would like to see the DARE program continued. We
feel the DARE program is important and can help many kids. There are
not enough funds for everyone in our school to participate now.

We would like to help change that by supporting the program.
Contributing our time to earn money in any way and giving our rewards
to the DARE program is one way. Any suggestions on how we can do this
would be greatly appreciated.

By Karlee Marg


My friends and I agree that there are many good reasons to keep the
DARE program working in our schools. I would like to share with you
what I think are the three most important reasons:

- - First, the DARE program is good for children's education. It teaches
children about some of the dangers and difficult choices they might
run into in their lives. It also teaches them what to do when they are
faced with these dangers and difficult choices.

- - Second, DARE teaches children important life-long values. Such
values include obeying the law, respecting your body and making wise

- - Third, DARE officers are strong role models and good teachers.
Children listen carefully and respectfully to the DARE officers that
teach them.

For these reasons, I believe that the D.A.R.E. program is a valuable
program, and it definitely should be kept in our schools. I hope that
there are many other people who agree with me and that they are
willing to show their support for DARE.

By Johann Van Deinse


I would like it if you could keep DARE in Winona. It would not be fair
if we do not get to do DARE. Half of the fifth grade got to do DARE
but our half of fifth grade might not be able to. So I made a list of
three reasons why you should keep DARE:

- - I would like to know more about drugs and how they affect your

- - I would like to learn when and what to say no to.

- - I would like to know what kinds of medicines do not hurt your body,
but heal it.

By Charlie Young
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