Pubdate: Sun, 30 Nov 2003
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Copyright: 2003 The Dallas Morning News
Author: Nevel Patrick Haley


No One Is Guilty?

Re: "Jurors acquit ex-officer in Dallas' fake-drug case," Wednesday's Page One.

The hearts of the many falsely accused and wrongly convicted under the 
now-infamous fake drug arrests are now surely crying out for justice. These 
innocent people suffered harm from the actions of the Dallas Police 
Department and now no one is guilty?

How violated these people must feel. Will their pain and loss be 
recognized? Will the Justice Department step up to the plate and find who 
and/or what was responsible?

If ever a person's civil rights were violated, these were among them. Let 
us not forget the pain, the embarrassment, the loss of friends and the 
separation from family, the financial loss that these people suffered.

Let us also not forget the leadership that was in place within the Dallas 
Police Department while these aggressive acts against the least defensible 
among us were perpetrated. The public must voice their strongest 
disapproval with this type of police work and this type of department 

I am truly thankful I do not live in Dallas' city limits, and I am very 
careful of my actions when there that I might not fall prey to such 
predatory actions that convicted these innocent people. Actions must be 
taken to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again, and the 
policies that aided this practice must be changed.

Nevel Patrick Haley, Addison
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