Pubdate: Thu, 20 Nov 2003
Source: Shepherd Express (WI)
Copyright: 2003 Alternative Publications Inc.
Author: Randy Vizyak


The Nov. 6 "Media Musings" column entitled "Things Most of Us Believe" 
mentioned the recent Supreme Court decision on medical marijuana. It also 
mentioned that most people believe only Bush and the Republicans were 
opposed to this marijuana issue but that it was actually Clinton who put 
the draconian law into effect. Good point!

If people think that the Democrats are more liberal on the marijuana issue, 
they are greatly mistaken. Clinton not only continued the war on drugs but 
intensified it. Clinton's Department of Health and Human Services 
Secretary, Donna Shalala, also spoke strongly against marijuana use. In 
2000 Al Gore campaigned on more "drug testing" in the workplace when asked 
about marijuana.

By the way, federal courts ruled that candidates for public office cannot 
be tested for drugs because it "violates their rights" (see Chandler v. 
Miller, 1997). In fact, the only major officeholder in recent years who has 
openly spoken in favor of legalizing marijuana is former New Mexico Gov. 
Gary Johnson (Republican). If you wish to reform the marijuana laws, you'll 
have to vote third party: either Libertarian or possibly the Green party.

Randy Vizyak

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