Pubdate: Wed, 19 Nov 2003
Source: Charleston City Paper, The (SC)
Copyright: 2003 The Charleston City Paper
Author: Scott Russ


South Carolina has been at the top of my family's list for states to
relocate to. My wife wanted a state with oceanfront property.

After seeing this high school raid in the news I have serious doubts that I
want to live in a place like this.

Our drug laws are the problem here.

When you make a plant such as marijuana worth its weight in gold, you can't
expect that it won't be sold by any man, woman, or child who wants to make
some cash.

We've spent more than 50 years demonizing drug users when even our
presidents and a large portion of our politicians have admitted to using
some of the same "drugs" that these police were searching for.

How many Goose Creek residents would support this raid if it were their kid
on the ground with a gun pointed at their head?

Scott Russ (Resident of most incarcerated state in U.S., thanks to drug
laws) Baton Rouge, La.
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