Pubdate: Wed, 19 Nov 2003
Source: Tribune Review (Pittsburgh, PA)
Copyright: 2003 Tribune-Review Publishing Co.
Author: Scott Russ


Thanks for publishing an honest letter concerning the misplaced
priorities of our law enforcement officers ("Potheaded police work,"
Nov. 12).

With the recent high school drug raid in Goose Creek, S.C. ("Drug
war's storm troopers," by Bill Steigerwald, Nov. 16), it should be
apparent to everyone that our law enforcement officials need some
guidance on setting priorities.

Each year they tell the public that the scourge of drugs must be dealt
with by approving larger and larger budgets. But it's our own
prohibitionist laws that create an unregulated black market and make a
weed such as marijuana worth its weight in gold.

How do you expect to discourage people from growing marijuana when
you've created this type of situation? Americans better wake up soon,
before this country goes any further down the drain.

I urge people to contact their representatives and let them know that
we demand accountability for the billions of dollars we waste each
year in our misguided and counterproductive drug war.

Enough is enough.

Scott Russ

Baton Rouge, La.
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