Pubdate: Sat, 18 Oct 2003
Source: Science News (US)
Copyright: 2003 Science Service
Author: Doub Greene


"Switching Off Pain:  Modeling relief on the action of marijuana" (Science 
News: 8/16/03, p. 99) notes tetrahydrocannabinol's (THC's) side effects of 
"sedation, giddiness, and paranoia" and then states that a new drug, 
AM1241, alleviates pain "without the side effects" of the marijuana 
ingredient.  Yet the article also says there are concerns about AM1241 
"undermining the immune system."  Marijuana has been shown to be an 
effective treatment for a wide range of diseases, and its side effects pale 
in comparison to those of many other leading drugs.

Doub Greene,

Cazadero, CA
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