Pubdate: Fri, 31 Jan 2003
Source: LA Weekly (CA)
Copyright: 2003, L.A. Weekly Media, Inc.
Author: Eric Steenstra
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Micah Sifry made some good points about the challenges facing the Green
Party, but I take issue with his assertion that hemp is a "left indulgence."
This comment makes it clear that he has heard one side of the argument.
Perhaps he has the impression that hemp farming is only supported by those
who want to legalize marijuana. This is far from the truth. More than 10,000
retail stores now carry hemp products; mainstream companies like Ford,
Chrysler, Calvin Klein and the Body Shop are using hemp in their products;
and the market is growing rapidly. In 2000 over $150 million in hemp
products were sold in the U.S. Unfortunately, all of it was imported from
Canada, China and Europe. If growing this useful and versatile crop makes
sense throughout the rest of the world, why doesn't it make sense here?

Eric Steenstra

President, Vote Hemp

Merrifield, Virginia
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