Pubdate: Wed, 22 Oct 2003
Source: Merritt Herald (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Merritt Herald
Author: Robert Saint Amour


George Bush attempted to put any US doctor that even talked about marijuana 
in jail, just one word and it would have been off to a federal prison.

Thankfully, the US Supreme court saw the insanity in this endeavour and 
ruled against it, leaving MD's across most of America free to discuss and 
even prescribe pot to people who demonstrate a medical need.

Here in Canada the issue will also be solved in our Supreme Court, but 
medical use is of lesser concern to Canadians, we are far more supportive 
of outright legalisation and would have gone that route years ago if not 
for the ludicrous agenda our neighbours to the south have embarked upon.

The heir to the Liberal throne, Paul Martin, will do nothing, following in 
a well-established tradition of, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, he will 
allow the pot issue to go its course, and in fact, there is little he could 
do to stop it at this point, the vast majority of people don't care and 
consider many other issues far more important than smoking a joint after work.

Having said this though, people do not want to be told what to do and I for 
one will not go around telling my children that pot smokers are criminals, 
when they can see first hand the damage that alcohol and tobacco do, both 
legal drugs, sanctioned and promoted by government. It is time this for 
this to end.

I have yet to find anybody that would prefer a drunk to a pot head, there 
are very few people out there that prefer the volatility of an alcohol 
induced state of mind to the munchies of a pot smoker. I think it is safe 
to assume that very few 7-11's were ever robbed by pot users looking for a 
Dorito's, fix and I have never heard of a murdering rampage while under the 
influence of marijuana.

This Texas president hasn't got a clue about many things and every time he 
opens his mouth he proves it. We should not be afraid to establish our own 
policies and ignore the USA's ridiculous views. After all, how long can 
this Bush regime last?

It is time our government listens to us and ignores the insanity to the 
south; lately Canada has been doing this consistently and should continue 
along this path until our friends to the south come to their senses. 
Somebody has to remind the USA that the emperor is naked.

Robert Saint Amour

Surge Narrows

British Columbia
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