Pubdate: Sun, 26 Jan 2003
Source: Kamloops This Week (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 Kamloops This Week
Author: Alan Lawrence Ranta



This is in response to Rob Webster's Jan. 15 letter, headlined 
Decriminalize pot? Not.

The federal government already condones its use when it gives legal status 
to the terminally ill, forcing them to seek illegal sources to get it.

Marijuana has never killed anyone and the average person would have to 
smoke 500 joints in one sitting to overdose on THC so, as far as it being 
toxic, all of the studies done at American universities and research 
facilities show pot toxicity does not exist and, therefore, Jeff Connors is 

Pot is not hard to find. You wouldn't be adding this to the mix; you'd be 
taking away their criminal records so they wouldn't be permanently 
stigmatized for the rest of their lives for something as harmless and 
stupid as weed.

Amsterdam has decriminalization working for them and their use of marijuana 
is less than the United States. Not everybody abuses recreational drugs and 
the long-term effects of marijuana are negligible.

The basic point is if we legalize it, we control it and we make money off 
it. Now, organized crime and hippie Joe control it and get tax-free cash 
while you debate the children. We will never stop smoking =AD where do you 
want our money to go?

Teach your children not to smoke but don't use lies. Like alcohol, tell 
them "wait till you're older."

Children shouldn't use any drugs (Ritalin included), but parents shouldn't 
make unfounded assumptions and pass them off as truths. When your children 
find out you're lying about pot, which they will, why would they listen to 
you again?

Perhaps people (youth in particular) use, and possibly abuse, drugs 
recreationally because daddy has his Viagra, mommy has her valium to calm 
her down and little Billy's been choking down happy pills the doctor gave 
him since he was five?

I say, don't use any drug unless you've done research. Marijuana: since the 
beginning of Canada, not a single fatality but countless criminal records. Why?

Alan Lawrence Ranta

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