Pubdate: Wed, 22 Oct 2003
Source: Times-Picayune, The (LA)
Copyright: 2003 The Times-Picayune
Author: Geoff Hughes


Re: "Rich junkie, poor junkie," Other Opinions, Oct. 18.

In Cynthia Tucker's column comparing Rush Limbaugh and a poor black male, I 
believe Tucker has missed the point: Drugs, economics and society.

Rush Limbaugh preached to thousands on the radio not to use drugs -- I 
think Quentin S. never could have. Sad but true.

Limbaugh is addicted to prescription drugs rather than a hallucinatory 
addictive substance. This is a slightly different situation -- I doubt he 
ever thought his medication would be addictive when he first took the 
prescription for a medical problem. Quentin S. took a banned addictive 
substance, possibly to escape reality.

Rush Limbaugh is not a danger to society. He is wealthy enough not to have 
to steal or mug for drug money. Quentin S. may be tempted to. Sad, but 

Rush Limbaugh pays a fortune every month in income tax. I doubt Quentin S. 
ever has paid much. To incarcerate Limbaugh would cost the state money in 
both prison expense and lost income tax when he is only a danger to himself.

Geoff Hughes

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