Pubdate: Wed, 22 Oct 2003
Source: Post and Courier, The (Charleston, SC)
Copyright: 2003 Evening Post Publishing Co.
Author: James Boyne


Re "Limbaugh Plans To Enter Rehab," Oct. 11:

Rush Limbaugh's public confession only occurred after he had been
caught red-handed. Had he not been caught, he would undoubtedly still
be a staunch advocate of harsh punishment and jail sentences for
individuals addicted to drugs. His moralistic ranting and verbal
tirades over the radio airwaves are hypocritical.

He has done tremendous harm and a disservice to people who are really
in chronic, relentless, tormenting physical pain by explaining away
his need for OxyContin, by claiming he used it for pain relief.

If he were in moderate to severe pain, why would he want to give up
OxyContin and return to a life of debilitating, excruciating pain? He
is a disgrace to his diehard, conservative Republican credentials. He
should be sentenced to 10 years of community service dedicated to
fighting for the repeal of the draconian Rockefeller drug laws that
have imprisoned hundreds of thousands of people with medical addiction
problems (like Rush himself) and for legislation advocating the rights
of people in real chronic pain to obtain affordable, easily
accessible, potent pain medications without restrictions, limitations,
interference and intimidation from doctors, pharmacies, insurance
companies, and state and federal regulatory agencies.

I wish him well. I'm glad he's really not in nightmarish, tormenting,
horrific physical pain. And I'm glad he won't get caught up in the
unforgiving drug possession/ addiction laws that have filled up our
jails with people who have addiction problems. I've had seven
operations, had six vertebrae fused in my spine, and have been in pain
for 30 years.

I also am out of work (downsized), uninsured (dropped by the company),
and have declared bankruptcy. Rush just signed a contract for $285
million. He's all set.

James Boyne

301 Harbor Pointe Drive, No. 6

Mount Pleasant
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