Pubdate: Mon, 20 Oct 2003
Source: Austin Chronicle (TX)
Copyright: 2003 Austin Chronicle Corp.
Author: Scott Russ


Why, after 30 years of failure, do we continue to listen to our
federal government instead of social and health care experts when
dealing with drugs? Do you really think that by subjecting our
students to random drug testing we will eradicate drug use? What we
will do is alienate our children and breed an atmosphere of distrust.

Then those who wish to experiment with drugs will do so anyway once
they are out of school. Parents cannot depend on schools or government
to handle the issue of our children using drugs. They have lost all
credibility in this area. Current and past presidents have used some
of the same substances that the drug czar wishes to test for. 

So what message are we really sending our kids? Americans better wake up and
take some responsibility for keeping their kids on the right track.
Schools are no place for this type of action. We need to educate our
children in school. Not treat them like suspects by forcing them to
pee in a cup. 

I guess urinalysis will be the new pledge of allegiance?

Scott Russ
Baton Rouge, La.
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