Pubdate: Mon, 20 Oct 2003
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
Copyright: 2003 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Author:  Jerrianne Hayslett
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Regarding the Oct. 16 letters about Rush Limbaugh's addiction to
prescription drugs, the hypocrisy that is perceived by those who criticize
him isn't because he was doing drugs. It's because he was publicly vilifying
and condemning people for possessing, taking and dealing drugs illegally and
advocating their imprisonment while he was at the same time committing the
same crime he was castigating others for committing.

Perhaps he wouldn't be viewed so cynically and would elicit more sympathy
from his critics if he hadn't compounded his complicity by his recent
"confession" to his radio audience in which he said he had always tried to
be honest with them about himself.

The very fact that he was illegally buying and taking prescription drugs for
years before he was outed, all the while keeping his listeners in the dark
about his illegal activity and condemning others for the doing the same
thing, says that he was trying to be anything but honest with his audience.

And as for being "man enough to admit his problems in front of millions,"
the only reason he finally did 'fess up was because he got caught.
Otherwise, you can bet no one would be the wiser to this day. To me, a
person like that has no credibility.

Jerrianne Hayslett
South Milwaukee
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