Pubdate: Mon, 20 Oct 2003
Source: Naples Daily News (FL)
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Author: Jonathan Paul Wilder
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Editor, Naples Daily News:

It was with both shock and sadness I heard about Rush Limbaugh's problem
with prescription drugs. You have a serious disease that kills more people
than we probably have statistics and figures to compile.

My prayers are that you would find the recovery process as I and many others
have in the last 70 years of the 12-step pathway being forged.

This pathway was not forged with people who touted their horn claiming
insight "on loan from God." It was formulated by sick men and women --
addicts and alcoholics that had no other hope than to fall on their knees in
desperation, get humble and get honest real fast and help each other.
Welcome to our world.

I will warn you, pride and self-righteousness and judging others has no
place here. It is more of a quiet place -- sad at times -- as you read in
the paper obituaries of people you held hands with the week before, see
others jailed for long lengths of stay for possession charges when they just
couldn't kick their habit.

What really hurts is when right-wing preachers use the radio and other media
to simplify a "just say no" policy or say, "They should be locked up and
throw away the key." These will be your friends, even family soon if you
choose the spiritual path to recovery.

You may find yourself changing soon, Mr. Limbaugh, and I pray that you do.
You may begin to understand as I have come to that life is complex.

Mr. Limbaugh, welcome to our world.

Jonathan Paul Wilder, Naples
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