Pubdate: Thu, 16 Oct 2003
Source: Herald-Sun, The (Durham, NC)
Copyright: 2003 The Herald-Sun
Author: David Wade Williams
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Should we view Rush Limbaugh's choice to use addictive pain killers the 
same as cancer patients choosing marijuana to treat the side effects?

While many people can distinguish between Limbaugh's circumstances and 
others who use drugs for mental pain relief or recreation, by his own 
admission he chose addictive drugs as powerful as heroin over other 
options. Should society consider him dangerous and lock him up like many 
other nonviolent, hard-working taxpayers for choosing drugs less powerful 
than the pain killers he was addicted to?

Limbaugh was never a danger to society as long as he could easily obtain 
painkillers and didn't drive while impaired. He was a responsible, 
functional drug user like many others who use illegal drugs. Many who adore 
him extend compassionate support while demanding that users of less 
powerful drugs such as marijuana be locked up.

Could someone explain the difference between having a few drinks in the 
privacy of your home and becoming impaired and someone smoking marijuana in 
the privacy of his home?

The only difference is one risks losing freedom and gaining a criminal 
record while the other can tell his co-workers and get a few laughs.

DAVID WADE WILLIAMS Durham October 16, 2003
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