Pubdate: Thu, 16 Oct 2003
Source: Hernando Today(FL)
Author: John Wayne Smith


I suspect that Rush Limbaugh is a very lonely individual at the

On the heels of his resignation from ESPN, he finds himself under
investigation for the illegal purchase of prescription

In the past, Limbaugh has been a fervent supporter of the "War on

Even if he's not guilty, he is now finding out what it's like to be a
"person of interest".

If he's not guilty, so much the better -- it should drive home to
Limbaugh the helpless feeling of the innocent when they find
themselves targeted by an increasingly oppressive police apparatus
built for the purpose of prosecuting the "war on drugs." Limbaugh is
now in a position to rethink his support for the expensive, intrusive,
unconstitutional federal drug enforcement regime.

And, having reconsidered it, he can urge his audience to do likewise.
Regardless, I stand by Limbaugh the best I can because if it were not
for the supposed war on drugs, it would have never happened -- if it
did happen. He could have been taking the necessary drugs under a
physicians care. Under current law, he is not allowed to take the kind
or amount of drugs to relieve serious pain.

John Wayne Smith,

Leesburg, Fla.
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