Pubdate: Thu, 16 Oct 2003
Source: Springfield News-Leader (MO)
Copyright: 2003 The Springfield News-Leader
Author: Bill Martin
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Linda Stillings' defense of Rush Limbaugh and his drug habit has to
top my hypocrisy chart (Oct. 14 letter, "Liberal hatchet job on Limbaugh.")

Everything she says in defense of his admitted illegal drug habit
should and can be turned around and bite him in the posterior.

If he was taking the drugs for pain as she proselytizes, why didn't he
just get a prescription from his doctor? I would think with the
millions he earns every year he could afford medical insurance to
cover the doctor's fees and pay for the prescriptions. So what
Stillings surely meant to say was that Limbaugh should be behind bars
like all the other "dope-smoking, maggot-infested, scumbag users."

As for Betty Ford, I thought she was the wife of a Republican
president treated for being an alcoholic, which is not a crime in this
country, and also was not a brainless liberal, as Ms. Stillings
suggested. And as for Liz Taylor, I don't recall hearing her on radio
every day railing against everyone and everything that disagrees with

When you throw mud at someone, a little always finds its way back to

Bill Martin, Springfield
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