Pubdate: Wed, 08 Oct 2003
Source: Troy Messenger (AL)
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Just a quick scan of the criminal court docket will reveal that the majority
of defendants dealing with some form of drug or alcohol charge.

Sure there's a smattering of murders, rapes and burglary charges on the
docket, but we'd bet that even those have a drug connection.

Nationally, there's a virtual tidal wave of information that deals with
illegal drug use and overcoming addictions. Nearly every one says the key to
ending the cycle of drug abuse is early intervention and prevention.

That's exactly what Red Ribbon Week is all about.

Led by the City of Troy's police department, red Ribbon Week centers around
teaching our children about being drug free.

The focus of the program is to promote drug-free schools, and specifically
targets eighth graders.

Already announced is an essay contest where a $50 savings bond is up for
grabs. Students can write an essay either on "My Anti-Drug," about their
hobbies and interests, or on "Drug Prevention," about ways to prevent drug
use in the community.

Either topic results in a two-way bridge of communication that may result in
better, safer, more drug-free city.
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