Pubdate: Mon, 29 Sep 2003
Source: Evening News (UK)
Copyright: 2003 Archant Regional
Author: Antonia Blaxland
Contact:  Legalise Cannabis Alliance


May I commend the Evening News for its broad and fair coverage of
opinions expressed by people in our community on important and
controversial issues.

I speak in general but foremost in my mind is the current debate
between racists and bigots on the one hand and fair-minded,decent
citizens on the other.

My  thanks go to those who have written replies to the recent letters
from members of the BNP including Diane Smith (EN July 29) and those
of Denise Soffe (EN August 18) and John Wright (September 9)

My own views are so completely and succinctly expressed by Alun
Buffry, (EN August 19) of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, now a
thriving and influential radical political party, that I have nothing
to add except gratitude for such clarity and wit.

How welcome a bit of humor is these days.

Certainly, when this Party stands candidates in future local and
national elections, I will give it my vote.Its message seems to be
tolerance: tolerance of our fellow citizen no matter what his race or
colour. It will fight the ideals of racial purity that Diane Smith
(BNP) is so passionate about - as was Adolph Hitler.

I believe it is also right to ask, as it does, for tolerance of those
who prefer to use cannabis as a medicine to pharmaceutical drugs, and
cannabis for relaxation to alcohol.

I feel sure it would also ask for tolerance of the travellers and
gypsies who prefer a nomadic lifestyle.

Antonia Blaxland,
Mount Pleasant,
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