Pubdate: Sat, 20 Sep 2003
Source: Lexington Herald-Leader (KY)
Copyright: 2003 Lexington Herald-Leader
Author: Charles Byrnes


After 9/11, we saw the Taliban, which brought the world's annual $400
billion U.S. trade in drugs to a halt in Afghanistan, removed and
replaced. At the same time, the world's western economies have been
suffering a debilitating decline. Also, the Taliban was opposed to a
Unocal oil pipeline through Afghanistan.

Today, that $400 billion a year is safely back on its way to Wall
Street. Thanks to fractional reserve banking, western banks can lend
$10 to $20 for each of those dollars deposited.

The largest borrower will be the U.S. government. The rest will go to
leverage the stock market to levels that can only be achieved in a
prohibition economy -- leveraged by jailing our children.

U.S. politicians will get large campaign contributions from the banks.
Conveniently, that oil pipeline is now a "go-ahead" as well.

Doesn't it all make you sick? You would be naive to believe that the
true power in this world wants to win the "war on drugs." We are awash
in a sea of drug money all over the world, and it is controlling our
political and economic systems.

The only way for the public to win a war on drugs is to take this cash
cow away from bankers, corporations and their whores, the politicians.
Regulation of drugs, like alcohol, is the only way for the people to
get their governments back.

Charles Byrnes

Taylor Mill
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