Pubdate: Sun, 21 Sep 2003
Source: Auburn Journal (CA)
Copyright: 2003 Auburn Journal
Author: Steve Kubby
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Letters To The Editor


My updated Health Canada medical marijuana exemption card arrived yesterday 
Here are my new cultivation limits: 117 plants (no limit on size of plants 
or grow space), 12 pounds maximum for storage and 1.5 pounds possession 
(while traveling anywhere in Canada).

This is what my physicians and I believe is reasonable for me to have as an 
adequate supply for my condition. It's pretty much what we fought for back 
in California. And 12 pounds is what the U.S. government sends its medical 
marijuana patients. In contrast, California is about to pass a six-plant, 
half-pound limit that would be a death sentence for patients such as myself

A half-pound might work for many patients, but a large number of patients 
are going to need 8 to 12 pounds per year to properly treat their condition

Unless Gov. Davis vetoes this bill, California's historic medical marijuana 
will be rendered useless and patients will suffer and die as a result. 
Furthermore, it will spark a flood of medical marijuana refugees, fleeing 
persecution, to come into Canada. That's unfair to Canada and disgraceful 
for California. All because of evil, kitten-eating reptiles who pretend to 
represent us and then barter away our rights to the police.

Steve Kubby

British Columbia

Former Placer County resident
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