Pubdate: Thu, 18 Sep 2003
Source: Press, The (New Zealand)
Copyright: 2003 The Christchurch Press Company Ltd.
Author: Duncan Eddy



Wheelchair bound Cantabrian Neville Yates  deserves congratulations for his 
brave stand against a law which deprives him of his medicine. In court on 
charges of cannabis possession and cultivation, Yetes pointed out that he 
used the cannabis for medicine, and called for the charges to be dropped 
(Press, 22 August 2003).

There are so many people around this country, like Yates, who find that 
cannabis offers them better pain relief than pharmaceuticals, without the 
nausea or addiction attached to the use of prescription drugs. Of these, 
there are an unfortunate few who have found themselves on the wrong side of 
the law.  These poor people are arrested and have their medicine 
confiscated because of a ridiculous policy that offers them morphine and 
denies them marijuana.

The war on medical marijuana users is outrageous. This substance is 
beneficial for a number of ailments, from nausea to multiple sclerosis to 
back pain. Sick people are being imprisoned.  Surely it's time for doctors 
to show some courage. Why aren't more health providers speaking up about 
the benefits of medicinal cannabis use?  Does the
Burwood Spinal Unit have any official stance on the issue?


Duncan Eddy
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