Pubdate: Mon, 15 Sep 2003
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2003 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White
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To Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar: When visiting Summit County, asking
support for your upcoming re-election bid, I request that you address an issue
our citizens support and that you stumbled with a few years back.

While the clear majority of Colorado citizens voted for Amendment 20, allowing
medical use of cannabis (marijuana) on Nov. 7, 2000, you chose to reach to the
federal government to interfere with the will of the people. You joined Gov.
Bill Owens and sent a joint letter to acting federal attorney Richard Spriggs
calling on him to enforce federal law and asking his office to prosecute anyone
who prescribes, uses or cultivates any marijuana for medicinal use, thus
effectively bypassing Colorado law.

It is regrettable on the one hand to ask for our vote and accept our money for
that purpose, then on the other hand, to show disrespect for our will.

As the current, overzealous federal government attacks citizens using cannabis
for medicinal use in California, it may become increasingly important for
Colorado's attorney general to protect Colorado citizens regarding this issue.
Will you work hard to do that?

Stan White

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