Pubdate: Mon, 15 Sep 2003
Source: Herald, The (WA)
Copyright: 2003 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Steve Morse


They Have Seriously Misplaced Priorities

Sept. 6 must have been a slow news day for The Herald to put the "bumper 
crop of pot" story at the top of the front page. Particularly when the 
article is full of half-truths, stereotypes, misleading information and 

"Taking down pot growers is a day's work" for the 15-member Regional Task 
Force, yet "it's hard for us to find whoever put these here." So actually 
no growers were "taken down." Another quote: "It's been a good summer for 
growing marijuana," according to Sgt. Jim Duffy, but the grow detailed in 
the article was "pathetic."

The $1,000 per plant value is also misleading. That's the possible top 
value of only the healthiest, most potent strains. Those 22 plants in 
Tulalip were worth closer to a couple hundred dollars, not $22,000. The 
total of $250,000 for the four-day sweep is equally overestimated, I'm 
sure, to further justify more federal grants. Finally, Sgt. Duffy says 
"drug dealers are lazy by nature." Could it be that the "lush and budded 
out" plants the task force failed to find are being grown by marijuana 
smokers who are not lazy and did a better job not only of growing but of 
not being found?

With our economy dragging, the federal deficit enormous, is seems the 
Regional Drug Task Force has some seriously misplaced priorities.


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