Pubdate: Thu, 11 Sep 2003
Source: Phoenix New Times (AZ)
Copyright: 2003 New Times, Inc.
Author: Marcella Perrine


Just Say No

Meth is the worst drug. Only one in six gets clean and stays clean. Much is 
written about it, but no one has mercy or compassion for those addicted to 
it ("Meth Mess," The Street, September 4). No one offers any solution or 
explanation of how meth affects a person. They label them all losers. Those 
losers might not have been losers before meth and maybe they won't be after 
meth. There are people out here trying to do something different besides 
labeling people. Trying to turn the tide of our country's failed drug war 
and our current incarceration frenzy. I have more than six years clean of 
meth and I'm not a loser.

Marcella Perrine, Gilbert
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