Pubdate: Sun, 14 Sep 2003
Source: Ogdensburg Journal/Advance News (NY)
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Author: Lee Monnet
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To The Editor:

On Monday 9/08/03 I witnessed a great gathering of true patriots at
Mondays St. Lawrence County Legislature meeting. What drew these
people from all walks of life was a resolution which seeks changes in
the USA Patriot Act to protect civil liberties. It was refreshing to
see so many people concerned about the assault on the Bill of Rights
by the Federal Government.

Unfortunately, the progressive debate was hindered by mean-spirited
remarks by Legislators Richard Wilson, Charles Romigh, and Shawn Gray.
In particular Legislator Wilson comments were the most offensive. At
one time insinuating that the group was an army of well meaning
"useful idiots" marshaled by opponents of the Patriot Act by quoting

In his letter to the Editor in last Sunday's Advance Newspaper,
Legislator Wilson made other comments that were directed at the
opponents of the Patriot Act. He said "I cannot help myself but to
comment that illicit drug profiteers are so staunchly oppressed to
investigation and drug enforcement tactics. Behind every dooby is a
Bill of Rights hardliner" I think it's in absolute poor taste that a
legislator would resort to make statements to discredit people he
knows nothing about.

Legislators Romigh and Gray were nearly as offensive by suggesting
that if you are not a criminal you should have no problem with the
Federal Government conducting warrant less searches into your private
life such as examining what you read at libraries or bookstores. To
these men I say that people are not criminals for objecting to
government intrusions into their private lives, and they certainly are
not idiots. It might be wise for them to bear in mind who they work
for and comments such as these could reflect on them at election time.

Lee Monnet
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