Pubdate: Mon, 08 Sep 2003
Source: Stillwater News Press (OK)
Copyright: 2003 Stillwater News Press
Author: Ron du Bois


There is nothing more full of stress and anxiety than being poor. Nothing 
contributes to fear of facing the world and coping with life more than 
abject poverty. Poverty creates "social addicts." Oklahoma is famous for 
the home manufacture of "bathtub meth " in which poisons are concocted into 
a deadly product for sale to the poor and depressed. Meth is the 
counterpart of the "bathtub gin" of the '20s and '30s . Both are products 
of the deadly combination of prohibition and poverty. But the poison works 
to release a shower of neurotransmitters in the brain causing transient 
euphoria followed by depression in a downward spiral to addiction and death.

Poverty is an environmental and social disease mindlessly conferring the 
disease of addiction. Addiction in a poor community becomes a community 
problem. The destructive mindset of the public, police and politicians is 
that escape from the stress of poverty through meth is "criminal." Such 
"criminals" are mislabeled. With the billions wasted on enforcement and 
incarceration their condition could be improved. The root causes of their 
plight are economic inequity, corporate addiction to wealth at the expense 
of the well being of the nation. Sociopathic addiction to wealth keeps some 
of us abjectly poor.

Ron du Bois

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