Pubdate: Sat,  6 Sep 2003
Source: The Dominion Post (WV)
Copyright: 2003 The Dominion Post
Author: Stan White


The U.S. response to Canada potentially decriminalizing personal use of 
cannabis ("Patients getting government-grown pot in Canada," Aug. 27), is a 
serious threat. The article said, "U.S. officials have warned of tighter 
border security if Canada takes that step," and this is alarming for a 
number of reasons.

First, many American states have already decriminalized cannabis, including 
Alaska. The Alaska Court of Appeals unanimously declared in an opinion 
released Aug. 29: Adults can possess up to 4 ounces of marijuana, for 
personal use in their home, because the state's interest in prohibiting 
them from doing so is not great enough to violate a citizen's right to privacy.

Second, it's alarming, since America exports billions of dollars worth of 
goods to Canada that would be affected, in an economy already sorely 
compromised. The U.S. economy may not withstand further attacks from the 
Bush administration.

Third, let's get this straight: After the 9-11 attacks, the United States 
tightened its borders, but if Canada decriminalizes cannabis, then we're 
going to really, really tighten our border.

If this threat to our neighbor sounds inappropriate, to you also, contact 
U.S. officials and express the need to stop blackmailing Canada with 
punishment for being a sovereign country and doing what many American 
states have already done.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo
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